Saturday, February 27, 2010


I had quite a hectic week, but busy is good right now.
Here is an update on my vintage sheet quilt. It is waiting for me to finish it, but will need to be patient one more week.

In a mean time, I am taking photos of birds around the house. There is inspiration for a quilt coming up, but for now I am just playing with camera.

Oh, and a new hair cut...

I am ready for spring...


  1. Cute new hair!! The wall brings out your eyes too. I can't wait to see the vintage sheet quilt done.

  2. Hello you, nice haircut! i love your bag from the previous post!

  3. Great haircut. I could really do with one of those - just like yours actually :)

  4. Have just found your blog and enjoyed my look around

  5. super zábery, vrabca som u nás nevidela, už ani nepamätám ;)
    a účes ti fakt sekne :)